Emoh Rou.

An Old gentleman I know runs a plant nursery of this name not. I assumed it was a name of Maori (New Zealand) origin but always forgot to look up its meaning.

Last time I was there I asked him what it meant but before he could answer I saw that it was “Our Home” spelt backwards.

In the same way most Christians have a tendency to read the works and dealings of God around the wrong way.

They take as their starting place their own desires and aspirations and expect God to meet them in a timely and bountiful way.

It is sinful human nature to place ourselves at the centre of the universe and it is surely one of the last failings to be subdued by the Christian.

We think that as God in Christ has through His mercy saved us, He is now committed to make our lives and our happiness a priority.

Even in the matter of salvation we make our own efforts the prime mover and reduce God to the level of an eager but powerless to act Saviour.

It when we look at these things from the God centered and Biblical perspective that we see that God and His own glory are the ultimate end of all His works.

That God truly loves mankind and His elect is a great truth but God would be exactly who He is even had he left man to the just consequences of his sin.

That He has through our Lord Jesus Christ acted for the salvation of man, is to resound to His glory by the redeemed for all eternity.

It is when we turn things around and look at them from God’s point of view that we understand something of His purposes and methods in the world. It is when we take ourselves out of the center of everything and place God there that we begin to live as we were originally created to.

Squeezing you into its mould!

It is a phenomenon of this modern hectic lifestyle that for many Christians the only contact with other church members and fellow believers is the time spent at their local church service and that maybe only one service a week.

The work life of many believers is made up with long distance commuting or long work hours. What spare time they have is devoted to their family and recreational activities.

In the past a church member would most likely attend a prayer meeting, Bible study, Christian Endeavour or other organization of the church.

It does seem that if Satan cannot de-rail the Christian by the direct means of sin, he piles them down with work and obligations which vie for his attention.

While I cannot say I have the remedy for this situation, I would remind those of my readers in this predicament that they can serve God in all their circumstances and among whoever job and responsibilities throw them into the midst of.

Yet all of us need to be conscious of the fact that God calls us to seek Him and His kingdom before everything else with the assurance that all else will follow.

We should probably ask ourselves whether all we have taken upon ourselves and all that is placed upon us by economic and family circumstances are really necessary for us to bear to the neglect of the service of God in His church and the needful help to our faith of meaningful Christian fellowship.

Even the non believer who toils and moils in the modern world supposedly to live in the best style he can and to provide for his families future comes to the  point of wondering whether it was all absolutely necessary.

How much of even family life is missed by work commitments and focusing on career when the worthwhile things of life are missed out on or curtailed.

During my fractured working career I have met many people who had highly responsible and time consuming jobs with a high rate of pay change course and accept a lower paid and less time consuming job for the sake of peace of mind and family reasons.

The least the Christian can do is look at the life they are leading and ask themselves how much of their journey into worldly pursuits is really necessary and helpful and what can they do to enrich the lives of their fellow believers and themselves ultimately by closer fellowship and service with the Body of Christ.

worldlinees screwtape

Emoh Rou.

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