Ersatz; Beware of Imitations!


Germany experienced dire food and material shortages caused by being blockaded during the two world wars. They therefore endeavored to replace these goods with other less satisfactory materials.

Examples being making tea out of raspberry and catnip leaves or substituting roasted acorns or normal beans for coffee.into-the-darkness-chap-07-0818

In World War II, Ersatzbrot (replacement bread) made of potato starch, frequently stretched with extenders such as sawdust, was furnished to prisoners of war. (Wiki)

The soldiers at the front used powdered ashes as a replacement for pepper.

All sorts of contrivances were used to try and meet the need for replacements and keep up appearances, from wooden shoes to sausage casings full of who knew what?

Satan to, has his substitutes and shams meant to fool people and lead them away from God’s reality.

  • He takes sexual promiscuity and perversion and calls it love.
  • He takes man’s search for affluence, pleasure and material possessions and calls it the way to happiness.
  •  He takes a person’s desire for freedom and liberty and turns it into licentiousness and lawlessness.
  • He takes a person’s admiration for others and turns it into idolatry.


There is no doubt that the world in its credulity is fooled by these substitutions of falsehoods for realities but for the Christian to be fooled by them is lamentable.

We all need eyes opened by God to see things as they are and not be fobbed off by Satan’s imitations and sin’s “gilded potsherds” Proverbs 26:23

Higher Criticism

At the current time as in the past there have always been Bible scholars who have delighted in attempting to saw through the tree branch which they themselves have supposedly been sitting on. (This is in addition to the attacks by infidels and atheist on the authority and validity of Scripture.)1960s-businessman-in-shirt-and-tie-sitting-on-and-sawing-off-tree-cmt2a1

While Christianity and the Bible welcome all honest examination there have been many who studied the scriptures only to discredit them and consign them to oblivion.

For the last 2 or 300 hundred years the Bible has been dissected and scrutinized by so called scholars seeking to de-mythologize and subject it to the strictures of human reason.

Not daring to throw it out in its entirety they have tried to whittle it down to more credible and manageable proportions and attacked selected parts of it and indirectly discredit the whole.

They have questioned and discarded the avowed Pauline authorship of several New Testament letters. They claim that Paul could not have written these because a certain word the writer uses does not appear anywhere else  and is not  used  frequently in the epistles they regard as genuine or perhaps a passage in his writing does not seem to be typical of his writing style or sound like something Paul would say.

For other writings ,because  the Gnostic heresy was established and  flourished in the second century ,it  means that any mention of similar heretical theories in the New Testament writings must have come in answer to it and therefore must place them much later in time and makes them more remote from apostolic times and renders them  less genuine and authoritative.

They make a concerted effort to place  a great deal  of the New Testament as we now have it well into the second century A.D. and by doing this rob these writings of their claim to inspiration or Apostolic authority.

The gospels are not free from attack, the claim is made that the compilers of the original materials allowed traditions and legends to creep in and be incorporated into the narrative.

They therefore exert themselves to remove from the original document the supposed later, incredible and to their mind, unacceptable additions.

These “higher critics” have invariably denied the miraculous aspects of the gospels and so have attempted to de-bunk them at every turn.


The Old Testament has been violently hacked, dissected and assailed. We only have to look at the “higher” critic’s efforts to remove the predictions of the future from Isaiah and Daniel and the consigning of portions of these prophecies to other but unknown authors.

The critics invariably credit the portions of the Old Testament they do not like to some later redactor or editor and thus remove the perceived difficulty.

The end result of all this effort has been to shake some Christian’s confidence in the Bible and reduce it to fallible book, with good characters, stories and teaching but not anyway authoritative for the modern man who has outgrown the thinking of past ages.

The fact remains that low views of the Bible have always led to the Church’s decline and I think this is seen in the state of many, if not most of the churches of today.

What do you think of the Bible?

Some claim to have gone beyond the Bible and hear from God directly.

A theologian said in a sermon I heard, that Christ is the Word of God not the Bible. The fact is without the Bible we know nothing about Christ and cannot infallibly know His will and truth.


We cannot have one spark of real humility till we are abased before God, as guilty, helpless, and undone creatures, who have no hope but in the tender mercy of God in Christ Jesus.-Charles SimeonCharlesSimeon



Ersatz; Beware of Imitations!

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