“The idiots guide” to grow your” Church?

display_d4c4341e-c1bf-493e-b896-2215c9139aa9As many are currently pointing out, much of what goes on in the church today is simply a process of taking Christianity out of the context of salvation from sin, reconciliation with God and holy living and placing it into one of God simply waiting and calling for man to return to Him so that He can shower blessings upon the returning prodigal: hopefully making them better people in the process.

In many places this change of emphasis is having impressive results. The numbers attending some of these churches are in the multi thousands. Add to this, by making your church service as unlike a traditional worship service as you can you draw multitudes to attend it.

Nowadays all it takes is a satellite dish and a feed and you can plug into this revival and multiple sites can benefit from the upbeat and positive teaching of your favourite speaker.

The more conservative and less convinced church groups can pick up on elements of the teaching and the music and introduce them into their own program on a smaller scale and expect similar results.

As I have written before America is the capital in the writing of “How to” books or in this particular case if you like “The idiots guide to grow your Church”.

Australia has made its own contribution to this global trend and “franchised “its own brand of modern Christianity. (It is enough to make the very hills to sing and the planet to shake).

A saying often attributed to Napoleon is that “God favours of the big battalions”, in other words the larger your numbers, organization and the more clever your strategies, the more likely you are of success.

Let’s face it, the only business model the Apostle Paul could apply to Christianity was that of making tents and new times and the new thinking demand new methods.

In a World full of gimmicks it is not unnatural to find some in the church using them to; after all if the church is to survive it must move with the times and speak the language people understand. One motto that should be written in stone (if some had their way is that) “the church must be relevant”.

Although I have tried to do so, it seems “You cannot argue with success”. The only question is, being separated from historical Christianity and devoid of the preaching of the whole counsel of God, how long will this success last?

Ah! dear friends, one half of the emotions excited in our places of worship are of no more value than those excited at the theatre- Spurgeon


The problem with following Christ is that the way He takes invariably leads to a cross.

It leads first of all to the foot of Christ’s own Cross upon which he atoned for our sin and satisfied our holy God.

Our Saviour showed here the sinfulness of sin and its abhorrent nature enslaving and enthralling sinful men and women.

Yet at the same time it shows the love of God, in taking the due penalty for our transgression and placing it upon his own dear Son while at the same clothing the believer with his own righteousness and enabling us, through His Son to enter the holiest of all, God’s very own presence.

Secondly in following Christ, we find a cross of our own; which we are called to take up and carry after Him.

By doing this we declare ourselves to have renounced sin and  self, turn our back on the world and walk in the way of holy and loving living by following His wonderful example and relying on His abundant grace through  His  indwelling Spirit.


“The idiots guide” to grow your” Church?

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