Seeking a Hearing!!!


I would imagine that the people who view this blog and perchance read it come upon it by accident. The chances are they are looking for something completely different and only stumble upon it by chance.

The fact is that the world wide web is full of people writing blogs and seeking a hearing for their particular views and theories.Image result for finding an audience

At the transfiguration of Jesus it is written  “And a cloud overshadowed them, and a voice came out of the cloud, “This is my beloved Son; listen to him.” Mark 9:7

I seek from all my writing to encourage the reader to Hear Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

Whatever and whoever else we hear; we desperately need to listen to what God has to say to us through His Son and the scriptures.

Where we will spend eternity hangs on our hearing, believing and obeying the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If one trait optimizes people today , it is a sense of hopelessness. This sorry state ,even if masked by mirth and worldly distractions is symptomatical of a life apart from God and without Christ.

The only way to genuine Hope is to listen what God has to say to us in the Bible and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Dare to be a Daniel!

The book of the prophet Daniel has been a battle field over which many have fought over the years. Some have tried to remove the miraculous and future forseeing sections of the book.

For others it is seeking to interpret the more obscure portions of it and apply it to the present and prognosticate the future destiny of Israel and the Church.

The past is full of those who regale their books with Charts of future events based on study of the book of Daniel mingled with other prophecies in the Old and NewTestament especially Revelation .Image result for Prophecies charts from Daniel

The life of the prophet himself as well as his three friends, has a very up to date lesson to teach us of how a believer is to live and act in a pagan society.

Daniel and his three friends are remarkeable in that when everything went against them they stood firm in their obedience to God even in the face of death.Image result for the fiery furnace

The fiery furnace and the lion den could not deter these faithful men from their obedience to God and His commandments.

Believers who follows the example of these ” Men of God” , will find themselves to be “Greatly Beloved” Daniel 10:11

Monopoly on the Spirit!

I think that there are many sections of the professing evangelical church who act as if the Holy Spirit’s power and work were their exclusive experience. Either by the numbers of their attendees or because of the manifestations and experiences festooning their meetings.

Our re-action against the excesses of some these groups does not mean we depreciate the genuine and powerful work of the Spirit. Rather we glorify the Spirit by seeking His fruits and not just His gifts.

We in common with all the saints, plead for a mighty work of grace and revival in our times.

However the absence of the ecstatic and gaudy expressions of worship does not indicate The Holy Spirits absence. Indeed the greater part of the Spirit’s work is to be found in the hidden heart of man, in transformation and renewal in the inner man. It is seen in the faithful proclamation and study of the Word of God, which sad to say is very often subordinated in many places to phenomena and chaos.

The groups who claim the most of the Holy Spirit’s work very often discredit themselves by the “elitism” and superiority they imply by their behavior.

Were these people supreme examples of “Christ-likeness”, humility , reverence and obedience to God’s Word, maybe their claim to a Monopoly on the Spirit’s power would be more credible. If they were living lives un-enamoured by the things of this world and more intent on pleasing God instead of man they might be able to claim the word “Apostolic”.

Christianity by definition shows forth itself in Christ-likeness. These are the people who see Christ in all who love him in sincerity and hold to His truth and stand against sin , falsehood and worldliness.

The true Christian is one who loves the brethren whether or not they have had some particular experience or exhibited some phenomena and identifies with the humblest saint of God.

“By their Fruits shall you know them”.Matthew 7:16Image result for by their fruits you will know them


Image result for quote from thomas chalmers

In Christian leaders and Christians in general it is sometimes hard to determine exactly what they stand for. It is even harder to know who they will stand up for?




Seeking a Hearing!!!

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