Who’s pulling the Strings?

When I was little, my favourite TV shows were two British “ marionette “ shows, “Andy Pandy” and the “Flower pot” men.Image result for andy pandy waving goodbye These dolls, with strings attached, existed in an age without computer generated animation.

Today they would appear naïve and amateuristic, yet to a small child they were entrancing. The  Puppet-eers were able to impart a convincing semblance of life to these inanimate dolls.Image result for andy pandy waving goodbye

In fact the memory of “Andy Pandy”,”Teddy” and “Looby Loo” waving goodbye at the end of the show still brings a tear to my eye.https://alan001946.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/flower-pot-men.jpg?w=660

There is an idea current in the minds of Christians that if they can reach some high spiritual state and empty themselves and by placing their brains into neutral, that God will enter in take control, much like the puppeteer controls the puppet. Is this really the case?

If we look at the Holy Spirits’ work in inspiring the writers of the various books of the Bible, we find it hard to believe that the works they produced were done in this manner.

While the books of the Bible give clear evidence of Divine handiwork they also show the hand of human authorship with individual style and characteristics.

Paul does not write like John, Isaiah is not an earlier version of Jeremiah etc.

We see people clearly used of God yet not losing themselves in the process.

The Apostle Paul when reluctantly recounting His experience of exaltation to third heaven,  where he saw and heard things he could not describe or understand, gives clear evidence that his mind was still functioning, although it was out of its depth.

Our age in the church is full of people seeking these heightened spiritual experiences, and very often as a result of leaving their minds  and understandings behind, are fooled by Satan’ counterfeits.

Whatever way God reveals himself to a follower of Christ, it is not like a marionette, but is in us and through us and with us.

We are made willing “in the day of his power”.

Also God’s Holy Spirit never acts contrary to the Word of God which He himself inspired. He cannot contradict himself.


Thomas Manton Quote

Who’s pulling the Strings?

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