The land of the Pharaohs.

Whether it is a film or documentary about Egypt there has always been a fascination with things Egyptian and its history.

They were advanced in Science, mathematics, astronomy and of course architecture. On the other hand they worshipped abominable things and had a ridiculous number of bizarre gods. They believed in an afterlife but it was little better than this one except for the exceeding rich.

Whether it is going back to the “pyramid power” in the seventies or the ankhs, mini Sarcophagi or other imitation artifacts, the “New Age” has grasped with enthusiasm the false mysticism that attaches itself to all things Egyptian.

What has the God of the Bible to say about all this? The fact is He said it all in the first few chapters of the Book of Exodus. In Exodus chapters 7 to 14  God attacks and defeats the so called gods of Egypt on their home ground. Whether it is the great river Nile or the lowly, creepy crawly, creatures they worshipped, they discover time after time that the mastery of creation and life and death belongs solely to the God of Israel, who is also the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God vindicated his lordship and sole claim to worship when the firstborn of Egypt were slain while the firstborn of Israel were untouched and when the mighty host of Pharaoh perished in the Red sea.

So when you see Egyptian decorations around the place remember that the god’s of the nations are naught and not worthy of comparison with our great God and Saviour.

C.H. Spurgeon and  Bishop J.C.Ryle

“I am not a bit ashamed to say that I often read the sermons of Mr. Spurgeon . Mr Spurgeon can preach most ably, and he proves it by keeping his enormous congregation together. We ought always to examine and analyze sermons which draw people together. Now when you read Mr. Spurgeon’s sermons note how clearly and perspicuously he divides a sermon, and fills each division with beautiful and simple ideas. How easily you grasp his meaning! How thoroughly he brings before you certain great truths, that hang to you like hooks of steel, and which, once planted in your memory, you never forget.” cited Simplicity in Preaching by Bishop J.C. Ryle


Spurgeon for his part said of Ryle;”There is good Mr. Ryle, an indefatigable Tractarian, who hates Romish Tractarianism, and preaches the gospel thoroughly and there are many, like him the excellent of the earth, distinguished for piety, who would be an honor to any denomination of Christians: a believer in Jesus feels much comfort in such company;”

Though from very different churches, they recognized in each other the fellowship which in Christ Jesus is between all true believers.These two men stood almost alone against the respective spiritual decline and apostasy of much of their denominations. Would that were more men like them now.

The land of the Pharaohs.

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