Survivor Malta!

For someone as widely traveled as the Apostle Paul Shipwreck was an occupational hazard. This particular disaster was harrowing in the extreme. It came to the point that the Roman soldiers guarding the prisoners were contemplating killing them lest they escape. Paul’s intervention no doubt saved all on board because he had faith in the promise of God for their preservation.

One lesson we can immediately draw is that God’s sovereignty does not take away man’s responsibility. That the crew and passengers of the ship were going to survive was God’s word to them by Paul but they must remain on the Ship. So in fact it proved. When the ship ran aground those who could were able to swim to land and those who could not were lashed to parts of the ship which could float and would wash to shore.

The castaway’s arrival on the island of Malta and their treatment by the inhabitants is one of those homely events of which scripture is full. The Maltese although regarded by the Greeks and Romans as barbarians proved themselves more hospitable than either and did their level best to make them comfortable.

A fire was lit and Paul pitched in by fetching firewood which by chance had a snake nestled in it. Having fastened itself on his hand the locals assumed that having escaped death in the sea, justice was catching up to this hardened criminal. Paul simply flung the viper into the fire, while everybody waited for him to swell up and die, he didn’t. There was something extraordinary about this man.

The headman of the island Publius welcomed them into his home and cared for them. One of his servants was sick and Paul prayed for him and by God’s power healed him. After this many came to Paul with various types of sickness and he healed them. I have no doubt that the Maltese people’s kindness and hospitality to God’s apostle and companions was the cause of great blessing to them and maybe the beginnings of a church there.

Paul had long sought to visit Rome and while this was an unlikely way to accomplish it and was harrowing at times there is no doubt but that by the providence of God, great Blessing was the result.

So it is that God leads His people in unlikely way, not always comfortable and  sometimes perilous yet He bring them through and leads to blessing and eternal good. Paul’s bay


Pride is apt to think ill of others; but humility leads a man to think ill of himself. While pride is observing the defects of others, their coldness and deadness, their ignorance and weakness; humility has work enough at home; is most jealous of itself, and most suspicious of the deceit of the heart which it occupies.-Thomas Charles of Bala 1755-1814


‘Preach the gospel of the grace of God, intelligibly, affectionately and without shame-all the contents of the great book from predestination to glorification’. Christmas Evans 1766-1838, Minister Anglesey ,Wales

Survivor Malta!

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