Science Falsely Called


Phrenology was a 19th century pseudo science which by examining and measuring the human cranium purported to determine a person’s strength and weaknesses. By feeling the lumps on your head they could tell you what character and emotional traits were under or over developed in your children and tell them things their parents and educators would need to correct.

Even Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had their children examined and subscribed to this theory. Much of this study has long since been debunked.

I guess we could say that we all need to have our spiritual lumps and bumps examined sometimes. Where are we lacking and where are we falling short in our Christianity? Christians today are very reluctant to examine themselves, “to prove they are in the faith”. We are so experience centered that as long as we feel the spiritual highs every week nothing else really matters.

When the profession of Christianity is reduced to signing a card and praying a formula prayer it is easy to think we are as good as the person we sit near at church.

Christianity is a new birth, a new creature, so we need to know we are on the right foundation. We are not trusting our own righteousness; we are casting ourselves on Christ and his atoning sacrifice by faith. Unless we start from there nothing we do will avail in our Christian profession. We need to be sure our Christianity is the real thing.

The genuine Christian falls short and we all need to grow in closeness Christ and obedience to Him. We have our besetting sins  fears and doubts. We all have our blind spots and things we do not understand.

We need the light of Christ to help us to shows us our spiritual state and deal with our sins and  shortcomings.We must listen the teaching of the Holy Spirit by the Word.

We need to metaphorically pluck out the right eye and cut off the right foot to prevent ourselves from stumbling. These things are not easy to the “flesh” but are essential to our growth and perseverance in the faith.

May God strengthen us daily to do this.


Those that are for the righteousness of God by faith in Jesus Christ look upon it as the only foundation of all their hopes for eternity, and therefore they cannot but be zealous for it.


You know there are two great plagues that have distressed the church of Christ and it will never be quite free from them; a multitude of hypocrites on a fair day, and a multitude of apostates on a foul day.

– Robert Traill ,1642 – 1716


I have often wondered what Ballarat looked like before it was permanently settled and the gold rush took off. Apparently it was covered in trees and bush. Within a few years of the discovery of gold it was all open country with the trees cut down for mine pit props.

It is said that there was so much mining activity on Black hill that it was virtually turned upside down.

Much of the city was covered with mullock heaps although many of them were taken away and used for filling when the “White Swan” and “Gong “ reservoirs were built.

As an activity tunnel mining must have been a scary occupation. My great, great Grandfather was killed in a mining accident at Blackwood.

I have just finished watching “How Green was my valley”, at the end of which the father killed in a coal mine explosion.

Having been down some old mines myself, I can imagine what daily life must have been like, with the constant threat of cave ins and rock falls. Yet the necessity of providing for a family kept the mine workers at their employment and the hope of a rich strike kept the prospectors going.

In a spiritual sense there is great wealth to be found in following Christ. No doubt there are risks and sacrifices involved and the returns and profits may be delayed, yet the rewards are surely worth it.They are eternal and enduring and more than make up for earthly sacrifices and sufferings

Greater than all is possessing Christ and all He is, that is the treasure we seek, and to be found in Him the great hope of all believers.


Science Falsely Called

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