How Green was my Valley?

We may all be able to look back at a time when our lives were full of innocence and beauty. A time when things were simpler and less complicated. We saw a picture in every cloud and adventure in a cardboard box.

Then things got more complicated or something happened to spoil things. The green fields and lush forests were slowly and gradually ruined by the encroaching of the waste from life’s coal mines.

The air that was once fresh and clean became rather smoky and foggy. Life became more of a grind or at least less rewarding. We clung to it regardless because it was all we had.

There is no doubt that distance lends enchantment.  We were all inexperienced and naive when we were younger. Also our parents shielded us from the harsher side of life. Yet when our eyes were new we were able to see things with a rosy hue: we all wish we could go back to that time.

Sad to say becoming a Christian does not do this. While our eyes are renewed it does not give everything a rose coloured tint. We see the world as it is.

The change is we see the work of God in creation and see that much beauty remains albeit spoiled by sin. We also see the spiritual side of things and how desperately the world needs to be restored to its true owner. We see fallen man in freefall and see them daily rejecting their only hope. To balance that we see God at work through Christ bringing the Word of Salvation. We see New life and new hope.

When that wondrous and imminent day arrives when there will be a new heaven and new earth the childlike wonder we were born with will blossom into an eternal flower of newness of life.



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Good Mr. Grimshaw of Haworth once displayed his eccentricity when Mr. Whitefield was preaching in his church. Whitefield in his sermon having spoken severely of those professors of the gospel who, by their loose and evil conduct, caused the ways of truth to be evil spoken of, intimated his hope that it was not necessary to enlarge much upon that topic to the congregation before him, who had long been privileged to listen to the earnest addresses of such an able and faithful preacher. Up gets Mr. Grimshaw and says in a loud voice, “Oh! sir, for God’s sake, don’t speak so; I pray you do not flatter them. I fear the greater part of them are going to hell with their eyes open.”from Eccentric Preachers by C.H. Spurgeon.


Those who have had their “tickets punched” and have been assured, mistakenly, of their salvation solely due to something they did, a card they filled out, a prayer they recited, are some of the hardest people in the world to reach with the real message of repentance and faith. ~ James White

How Green was my Valley?

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