In his book the “Wizard War” by R.V.Jones, (who worked in scientific intelligence during the Second World War,  He also did a lot of work on “Infra red”) mentions the theorizing and research on what became known as of LIDAR ,Light imaging detecting and ranging, in the 1930’s.Using light beams instead of sound beams to detect and measure distances. He describes it as the optical equivalent of “Radar”.

Many of the modern inventions we enjoy are the products of very old study, research and science. I always thought LIDAR went no further back than the sixties, but even as far back as the 30’s it was propounded.

It was the invention of the laser that made LIDAR viable and its modern uses are numerous applications of 3D scanning e.c.t..

When we look at the heresies that abound in this age we assume they have popped up out of no-where. In fact if you look at their various teachings and doctrines, they are usually the re-hashing of very old heresies, eastern religion and nonsense in new and modern guise.

It seems the true Church of Christ must be forever fighting old enemies in new disguises.

Christianity is quite old to .The Divine Truth it holds, remains the same unchanging word of salvation held out to sinful man as at the beginning.

Its roots go back to the promise of a redeemer in the Garden of Eden. Yet the passing of time has not changed the fact that the Gospel of Christ is forever new. It never requires re-hashing or additions taken from worldly thought or religion. It does not need to be dressed up or decorated with glitz and glamour, because the beauty of Christ needs no such adornment.

The preaching of the Word and the worship of its Lord in all simplicity, never benefited by the addition by men of spectacle, finery or sensationalism. Its life changing abilities came from the power of the Holy Spirit, not man’s “special effects”.



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Fortress Singapore!

I was always under the impression that the Japanese conquest of Malaya and Singapore was hastened by a lack of will on the part of the defenders and that they gave up to easily. The truth was not that at all.

The will to fight was there but the defenses promised were never started. The weapons needed had not arrived. The only fighter and bomber aircraft available were obsolete and too few.

When the fighting started the army was made up of soldiers from different parts of the British Empire, some experienced fighters but in the main they were poorly trained or with no training at all.

The Japanese had air superiority and the initiative. They could move inland or land anywhere from the sea. The enemy had spies and collaborators in key areas to facilitate their movement

The defenders on the other hand were hampered by poor communication, wet muddy conditions and the need to prevent materiel and fuel (on which they still relied) from falling into enemy hands and yet avoid the panic this destruction would cause in the civilian populace.

There was also the need to cope with enemy tanks and retreat in an orderly manner. This did not always occur and some units withdrew while others did not receive the orders and held positions only to be outflanked and wiped out.

The advance of the Japanese was slowed by could not be halted.

Most notoriously Singapore’s defenses and heavy guns were positioned to prevent an attack by sea not by land as it eventuated.Image result for the fall of singapore

When Singapore itself was reached the fighting continued but supplies of ammunition, food and water were running short, this meant defeat was inevitable.

The Japanese treatment of captured soldiers, medical staff was barbaric. This did not cease at the fall of Singapore.

Our defenses as Christians are under constant threat and attack. To us and to the World they may appear weak and threadbare, yet they are invincible none the less.

And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, LORD, so that he may see.” Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. 2 Kings 6; 17

Like Elisha’s servant we need our eyes open to the fact that God is our invincible defense and defender. He is well prepared for any eventuality and is never the victim of a surprise attack. He is  worthy of all our trust and able to bring deliverance from all our enemies. He is the hope and Saviour from all our fears.



I was watching an excerpt from a you tube message by Benny Hinn. He was criticizing another tele-evangelist for saying that Christ was not the only way to the Father. Hinn became fired up declaring Christ as the only way to the Father and the only way to be saved.

Being well aware that Hinn’s ministry is full of false doctrine and error.  It made me think what would happen if these error teaching preachers turned around and preached nothing less and nothing more than the true gospel , what the effect would be?

I think the hardest thing would be for them to unsay the mountain of false teaching, bad example and damage done by their past ministries. Yet there is no doubt we should pray that false teachers should be brought by God to see the error of their ways and in repentance come to a knowledge of the truth and the true gospel of Christ.

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