Take Cover!


Watchman Nee writes that during the Japanese invasion of China, the Chinese soldiers had no heavy weapons to counter the Japanese tanks. The method they came up with was to fire a rifle shot against the side of the tank and after an interval to do it again. When the tank driver stuck his head out to see where the shot came from a well placed bullet dealt with him.Image result for a wrecked japanese tank in china

In the Christian life we are most in danger when we come out from behind and forsake our defenses. When we no longer stand behind the bulwark and wear the armour that God has provided we become vulnerable to the enemies’ false doctrines and errors.

When we cast aside the “shield of faith” we are exposed to no end of fiery darts. When we fail to take up the Word of God as the sword of the Spirit we become incapable of taking offensive action against sin and falsehood. When we lose the desire and fervency for prayer, we fail to avail ourselves of the reinforcement God so readily sends. When we are isolated from our fellow Christians we are in danger of being captured by the enemy.

Our spiritual enemies are concentrating a withering fire against us at the current time so we need to look to our spiritual strong points and not cast them away.

Satan may act like a tank bearing down on us but he has his weak points and is no match for our all powerful Lord Jesus and those who live by faith in Him.

Brewster Buffalo

The Brewster Buffalo was an American fighter that was used during the Second World War. It was used by the R.A.F. and R.A.A.F. in the defense of Malaya and Singapore. It was found to be completely inadequate for its role and was sometimes nicknamed the flying coffin. It was no match at all for most of the Japanese fighters.brewster_model_339_buffalo

The only place where the Buffalo was used successfully was by the Finns in their war against the Russians. The prevailing cold of Finland counteracted the Buffalo’s engines tendency to overheat.

In many of the aspects of our life, Christian and otherwise we find a sense of inadequacy real or perceived. We sometimes wonder why God puts us in circumstances where we are out of our depth.

We feel ourselves ill-equipped and unprepared for tasks and problems which come our way. It is here we must remember that our sufficiency is of God.

Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God; 2 Cor 3:5

When we get out of our depth we may panic and sink. Therefore we need to cultivate a spirit of implicit trust in God and rely on His resources. We must make prayer and faith our first resort instead of our last.

Speaking the Truth in Love!

I wonder if anyone reading the epistles of the New Testament, especially those of the Apostle Paul, could possibly misunderstand the motivation behind them. It is true they said many hard things to the churches and sometimes risked offending the members of these fledgling fellowships.

Yet is there any doubt of the Apostles’ love for these people? Do we find any evidence that they were being harsh or mean spirited?

Our Lord himself said many things which offended the Jewish leaders and His would be followers, who doubts that the hard words and condemnations were the product of faithfulness to the truth and love for the recipients despite their errors?

Our Lord was faithful in all things and spared no one the truth they needed to hear.

Many in the church have ignored and forgotten this in these modern times.

Anyone who criticizes new innovations and questionable practices and insidious doctrines in the church are labeled as un- Christ-like and motivated by unchristian motives and hatred.

This imbalanced reading of scripture and making of God as all mercy and no justice or truth is the besetting sin of many members of the church.

Well meaning they may be, faithful to the whole truth they are not. They have taken Christ’s command to “Judge not lest ye be judged”. As a blanket command to allow anything and everything providing it is done sincerely and by people claiming Christianity.

While we are to aim to be Christ-like we are not infallible as He was, we err and misjudge in many things. As fallible as we are, we all have a duty to stand up for God’s Truth.

We must always temper what we say and do in love and a seeking to reclaim those in the toils of error and delusion.

It is by standing firm on God’s will and truth revealed in scripture and by shining its light everywhere ,that many will come to a knowledge of Christ and His, to His name be the glory!

Image result for christians speaking the truth in love


Take Cover!

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