Carry on the fight?

During that war , a group of Boers offered to surrender to the British. Not liking the British terms they returned to their lines to continue the fight. When they got back they found themselves rubbing shoulders with men of the New South Wales Army medical Corp whose only concern was to tend to the wounded.
One wonders how they felt about continuing the fight after that?
In the same way when men see the love of God one wonders how they can continue to fight against Him.


Sheep without a shepherd

When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Matthew 9:36

We see here the way Jesus looked at people. Compassion was first and foremost in His heart.

These people were ever on the look  out for the next big thing. They were ready to follow anyone and anything that would promise them freedom and material support. They pursued John the Baptist and with equal fervor they were crowding Jesus of Nazareth. Soon they would be following a false messiah who led them to national ruin.

While Christ knew the fickleness of the people who daily resorted to him it did not stop him trying to do them lasting good. We also should have compassion on the deluded people of this world and show them the answer to their spiritual emptiness.



Over the centuries certain theologians have tried to explain the death of Christ in a way which robs it of its offensiveness to mankind.

Whether it is by explaining it as merely an example of self sacrifice intended to impress men with God’s love or a gesture intended to show God’s horror at man’s sin, nothing reaches the depth of truth that The death of Christ as dying in the sinners stead and satisfying the wrath of  God with an innocent victim becoming sin.

While there is much we have difficulty understanding no other doctrine of the atonement plunges the depth of sin and climbs the height of God’s love shown in Christ.

The more this plain doctrine is believed by Christians and preached in the church, the less it will be moved by the opinions of sinful men.


Carry on the fight?

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