“I’m listening in”

“Two things stand like stone;
kindness in another’s trouble,
Courage in your own. ‘ Adam Lindsay Gordon


Someone said about “Facebook” that it is a place where everybody is speaking but nobody is listening.

Whether this can be said of the Church today  I will leave to our own conscience.

I suppose anyone who has been to a church business meeting when dealing with a contentious issue knows that differences of opinion are often vehement.

The Apostle Paul dealt with this in the church at Corinth where those who had revelations to make were competing for “air time”. He reminded them that God is a God of order not chaos, and that they should be willing to hear even more than speak. One wonders where this injunction was lost in much of the charismatic movement .

This is nothing new. The disciples themselves may have heard the words Jesus spoke but they interpereted them in their favourite context of Israel’s future glory. In the same way we can hear but not listen. We can air our views and opinions and assume we have said the last word on the subject.

We need to first of all listen to God’s word as it is written and expounded . How many times does Christ through His word need to say something before we take it on board and obey it? How many things in our lives and in the church are slipping through because we do not hear God  and obey?

We also need to listen to others in order to learn from them, to know best how to help them and show God’s love to them.



I have been casting up my finances lately to see how long I can last with no income. I have realized I can last a fair while but I will eventually run out of money and will have to manage on welfare (if it there is such a thing then?)

It reminds me of a story

An eminent

General having once overheard his soldiers

Reckoning how many their enemies were, and so

Discouraging one another, stopped them at once

With this question, “How many do you reckon?

Me for?”—How many do you reckon the Lord for?


We can calculate as accurately and minutely as we like but unless we take the Lord into our reckoning we will fail in our task.

The World inevitably reckons without God and we daily see the sin and misery that results. Even the church and we as individual Christians can leave Christ out of our reckoning and look only to our numbers, abilities and finances.

Let us rather add the infinity of God to all our “reckoning”.




“I’m listening in”

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