The Second Day



The Sabbath day following the crucifixion is a blank as far as recorded events are concerned. The tomb is sealed and the guards are at their posts.

The women who would have otherwise finished the embalming process were restrained by the need to observe the Sabbath day rest.

“They rested on the Sabbath day according to the commandment.” Luke 23:56

What a day of unrelenting gloom that day must have been for Jesus’ disciples? How great was the guilt many of them felt for their desertion, especially after such vows to remain with Him to the end? Peter more than any of them must have been inconsolable.

I wonder if they attended the temple services that day or even the synagogue? I wonder whether there was any comfort in the Jewish religious service with its sacrifices and rituals? I wonder whether the Rabbi at the synagogue had an encouraging message of hope to give? Without Jesus, these things were very hollow. He had brought heaven’s light into their lives and now that light was gone.

The truth was their faith had failed them, but Jesus had not.

The resurrection

By contrast the day of Christ’s resurrection is full of to- ings and fro-ings of appearances and directions given. A day of good news received with disbelief and amazement.


Those who have tried to harmonize and time these events have had their work cut out for them.

The fact remains, the tomb is empty, Jesus was not only seen and heard but was touched. He even ate before His disciples. This was not only in and around Jerusalem but in Galilee as well. Not just to a few but sometimes to large numbers.

The great attestation to the resurrection is the fact that these discouraged believers remained believers despite all Jew and Gentile could do to stop them.

Do we belong to their ranks?

The Second Day

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