A bottle of ink


It was said of Martin Luther the great reformer than one day when the Devil was making a nuisance of himself that Luther threw a bottle of ink at him. He literally did this by writing scores of books and other writings against the Adversary and all his works, especially in the Roman Catholic Church.


In a documentary I saw on “Coca Cola” it said that the primary marketing aim of the company was that they wanted their product within arm’s reach of everyone on earth. They wanted a person to be able to reach out their arm and be able to obtain a can or bottle of Coke.


The same aim could be given to the Gospel of Christ. If only a non Christian could reach out and touch someone who would bring them the message of Salvation. If only in every school, factory, office and sporting club there were Christians seeking to tell others about Christ. Not only here in this country but right around the world. Something we should all pray for!


A mixed multitude

 Now the sons of Israel journeyed from Rameses to Succoth, about six hundred thousand men on foot, aside from children.  A mixed multitude also went up with them, along with flocks and herds, a very large number of livestock. Exodus 12:37-38

Then the foreign rabble that was traveling with the Israelites began to crave the good things of Egypt. And the people of Israel also began to complain. “Oh, for some meat!” they exclaimed. Numbers 11:4


These were  people  who tagged along with the children of Israel when they departed Egypt . How many of them were in sympathy with the religion of Israel or the God of Israel is not told us.

It seems from the second reading that whenever there was murmuring and complaining they were the ring leaders, carrying many of the people of Israel with them.

This problem exists in the church today. There are people who attend the church, are members and even leaders, who have no real interest in the spiritual purpose and task of the church. To them it is nothing more than a pastime they inherited from their parents. They seek earthly prestige or position by being well respected by “good people”.

Perhaps it is in the hope of fame or fortune and gathering multitudes of followers that they wear the mask of Christianity. Sadly others use it as a sort of insurance policy against death.

Others may have a genuine desire to help the poor and displaced and see the church as a good way to do this. Yet  when it it comes to the preaching of the Word and the saving of souls they are not interested.

Stills others sit under the sound of the gospel, maybe for years and are none the better for it.For some people their “christianity” extends no further than a sunday service.

Sometimes when the church does its duty and stands by God’s word they complain of the church’s intolerance or old fashioned ideas. They say the Bible had its use in the past but that day is past. They are the blots on the church landscape.

We may not always recognize these people. They may appear sincere and true. It is only when you get close that they show their true colors and the danger they pose.

Rather than look around to locate who these people are, we must look at ourselves and determine whether we are not one of them.

A bottle of ink

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