Mentioning the “Odds “in a previous article made me think of the story of Gideon in the book of Judges. From a human perspective the odds were certainly against him. Too many of his people were content to cower down before the might of the Midianites. Gideon himself was not overly willing to take God’s promise of deliverance at face value. He asked for miraculous evidence that God was on His side: which God graciously gave him.
When Gideon did gather an army of 33000 men, God told him to send all but three hundred home.
Gideon faltered a bit here but having entered the camp of the enemy by night at God’s bidding, he hears a man recounting his dream of impending defeat. Gideon doubts no longer and even by the unlikely means of torches, jars and trumpets puts the enemy to flight, the hand of the Lord spreading panic among the foe and giving victory.
We can all be like Gideon in our doubts and fears in the midst of overwhelming odds. We all find ourselves in circumstances which are too much for us and beyond our control. It is here faith in God is put to the test. Now the promises of God are “cashed “from the chequebook of the bank of faith.
God will keep his word to keep his people in the midst of and deliver from the trials and tribulation they face every day.
We should store up these mighty deliverances in our memories so that they can comfort us in future difficulties. We remember the help we received in the past and know that God will carry us through now and in the future.


Ye are God’s building — All hands of the glorious Trinity are at work in this building. The Father chose the objects of mercy, and gave them to the Son to be redeemed; the Son purchased redemption for them; and the Holy Ghost applies the purchased redemption unto them.


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