Common Sense

Among other things the Bible is full of common sense. I am thinking especially of the book of Proverbs. There is much in this book that should be heard in today’s world.
1, The placing of God and our trust in him as first in our life and regulating everything else.
2, the raising and discipline of Children is dealt with: how unpopular is its teaching among the psychologists and social workers?
3, our attitude to money, how to be frugal with it and yet not overcome by the love of it.
4, the need to walk uprightly and keep to the path of honesty.
5, to be diligent in our employment and all we do.
6, to keep our temper and avoid  excessive anger.
7, to avoid sexual sin as we would the plague.
8, to be content in all circumstances

These are some of the themes which resound in the Proverbs of Solomon.
While we are to submit our abilities, decisions and behavior to the overruling Wisdom of God, this does not excuse us from using our brains and gifts. To think and seek wisdom and knowledge are God designed functions. It is the absolute reliance and God- excluding trust in them which is to be shunned. We are to exercise our common sense and wisdom with the full knowledge of their limitations.Indeed we must seek to Him for them most of all.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.James 1:5
Many of the eastern religions encourage their devotees to empty their minds and seek a higher consciousness. They hope to find enlightenment in contact with themselves and some higher power.
Christianity brings man into contact with his Creator and Redeemer who before we sought Him seeks us. It brings him to the right use and enjoyment of all God’s blessings and abilities. It leads the Christian away from the sin and self – seeking which ruins and spoils everything.
Christ can give the true enlightenment because He is the “Light of the World”. Even more He makes the Christian a light bearer in a world of darkness.
We realize this here on earth only in part but it is still a long way from the sorry state as lost sinners, in which we were born,  and in which the person without Christ remains.


I had a Poor upbringing

I am reading a biography of King Edward the seventh. His mother Queen Victoria was devoted to Albert her husband but found her children a necessary annoyance. They were regulated and groomed for purposes of state and diplomacy. They were kept under tight reign and rebelled when opportunity occurred. Educators and pedagogues were employed to drum education into them and keep them from evil influences and too much interaction with others of their age.

When “Bertie” as he was known, grew older his mother blamed him for his father’s death and excluded him from many royal responsibilities. This left him to his own devices and indulgences. He was flattered and fawned upon. Under the disapproving eye of his mother he plunged into the decadent modern set.
His reputation is well known.
My point is that, we are all the products of our upbringing and education. If we have not turned out as well as we should have, these factors share the blame. Despite this we can only blame them so far. We rise and fall from ourselves.
And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil. John 3:19
It is the choices we ourselves make that condemn us. In the final judgment, the finger points at me and me alone.
We need a “New birth”. Jesus told Nicodemus that only by being “born again” could he understand spiritual things.

It is by coming into God’s family that we are brought up in the way which leads to spiritual maturity. He alone  gives gifts, guidance and  discipline in perfect measure. Christ is the teacher who teaches exactly what need, exactly when we need it.  He is the perfect example for the child of God to follow.

Regardless of our human upbringing, God can bestow holiness and life in abundance on those  He adopts as His children.
Our parents no doubt did their best:But only God can succeed where they and we ourselves failed.


Common Sense

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