God’s Jewels

The most terrible picture in the scripture is that of the church going on its merry way and one day God comes to them and says, “Why are you doing this? Who has required this at your hands?” The book of Malachi is full of questions that God asked His people in his day.

His love for them was as real as ever, but things were not what they were. These people thought they were doing things pleasing to God and yet wondering why he did not bless them as they deserved.
They observed the outward form of religion and went through the motions but their hearts did not go with it.
They gave the required offerings but they were only the poorer quality stuff that was of no use to them. They begrudged the very time they spent in the services of worship because there was money to be made and customers to rip off.
The priests were up to their neck in the scramble for money and property and this in turn made the temple worship more contemptible.
The men were dismissing their wives and marrying other women, even foreign women from the people of Israel in disobedience to God’s law.
All along they were feigning innocence and wondering why God was so far away.
God was coming to them but not in blessing. He was not fooled by their show of devout worship and piety.
I can see a great deal of this spirit in the church today but I leave the reader to look at things as they are today. We must all ask our self whether we are guilty of cheating God. Have we double standards and compromised for the sake of gain or ease? Is our “all on the altar”? It is past time for the church as a whole to look at itself and return to its obedience and reverence for God.
There will still those among the people who grieved for the prevailing sin and hypocrisy. It was to those people God looked and reserved salvation.
What does this say to the church today?
First of all it says fear God. Reverence Him and His Word. Second it says,” Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”Mark 12:30
Our hearts must be in our worship of God. Reverence for Him must dictate all our dealings day to day. We must seek to know what pleases God and His requirements for our life and worship.
Let us all join those who seek to know the Lord and please Him and be found at last to be among his treasured jewels.




Change may be inevitable in the Church,but judging by present trends, why does the change always  end up to the detriment?


Marilyn Monroe said of Montgomery Clift that he was the only person more mixed up than she was.
Sad to say we lived in a mixed up world. People are beginning to call good evil and evil, good. Many are having an identity crisis not knowing who or what they are. The worst thing is they are wholly rejecting the “Rock” which by standing upon, can bring them back to righteousness and reality.
Only Christ can give people stability in a quicksand ridden world. The path He leads us in, leads to heavenly truth and joy such as this poor world can never give.


God’s Jewels

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