Wood for the trees

The shape of things to come

The debate in the church has often been whether the world will ever be “Christianized” or whether just  a remnant will be rescued out of it. Even someone like C.H.Spurgeon in youth and the beginning of his’ ministry felt that all would fall before the preaching of the gospel. In his’ later years he took a more restrained view of the future prospects of Christianity.

People have always said that the world would be subdued under the reign of Christ. Others with as much conviction have said that the world will be destroyed and then the new heaven and earth.

Whatever long view you take, you must sometimes ask yourself whether the gospel has failed in its purpose . No Christian questions the greatness of the salvation Christ has won for us. Yet we see it being wholesale rejected by men and women. Also so we see it being modified by some to “tweak” it for the modern age.

God’s purposes are never frustrated. God is not surprised by anything. God sees the end from the beginning.

We see the disciples thought as we do, “Are there many who will be saved”. Christ tells them to make sure they are saved first and then seek after others.

We see no sign of the world getting better and many scriptures teach us not to expect it to. On the other hand God is through the Lord Jesus Christ saving a great multitude which no man can number. God is going to create a new earth and heaven in which dwelleth righteousness. Our part is to trust when we cannot always see.


 Blog, Blog who reads the Blog.

I am not really one for reading online, give me a book and a page to turn any day. I suppose even among Christian blog writers there must be tens of thousands world wide seeking for a hearing.

I never claim to be profound. I would rather point the reader to the profound truths of scripture and to Him who said ” I am the Truth”.

If only Christ can get a hearing, that is something to pray and work for.






Patrick McGoohan was offered the role of James Bond but turned it down on moral grounds. No doubt had he accepted it more money and fame had come his’ way.

To have moral principle is becoming a rare commodity. For the Christian more than anyone else the temptation is to conform to worldly trends. How hard it is to be in the world but not of it.




Wood for the trees

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