The inner Circle.

The inner circle

Of all the men who followed Jesus we know very little. There were the seventy that Christ sent evangelising. There were the twelve who were constantly with Him. There were of them the three who were closest and in some ways most privileged.
Why were Peter, James and John so close to Jesus? We believe John was there because he was “ the disciple who Jesus loved”. Why this was is something to speculate about, but no reason is given. He no doubt saw the person John would become when he overcame his’ thunder like temper. I see James and John being joined at the hip. It would never have done to separate them. It took James martyrdom to do that.

Peter because of his’ temperament would have stuck closest to Jesus and may have taken the foremost spot even if not invited to. Even though he once asked Jesus to depart from him, sinful as he was, Peter needed Jesus the most I think.

One can only wonder why Andrew was not added on to this triumvirate. As one of the first disciples and being Peter’s brother it is strange he is not included. We know from scripture he was a go – getter. As soon as he finds Jesus he then goes and finds Peter and brings him to Christ. It is Andrew that finds the boy with five loaves and two fish. It is to Andrew that Phillip brings the Greeks who would see Jesus.
When a child is ill or undeveloped the mother spends the most time with them. The healthy children can look after themselves for a while. Maybe this was the reason; Andrew got the idea and was busy about serving Christ. Maybe the three needed more attention because they were called to special roles.
There is no doubt the twelve were equally attached to Jesus and loved Him.
Even today some Christians seem closer and more Christlike than others. Rather than be jealous or envious, we should emulate them and draw nearer to Christ and follow Him fully.


Thomas Scott was an Anglican minister and friend of John Newton who wrote a famous Bible Commentary. Spurgeon says of it that it was good for the use of families etc, but mere milk and water for ministers. He read an appraisal by John Mason Neale a high Anglican minister who said Scott’s commentary was a waste of ink and paper (my words).

This raised Spurgeon’s esteem for Thomas Scotts’ commentary because such a man, who should have known better, ridiculed it.

In the same way when worldy ,sinful men criticize the Bible and Christians, this should raise them in our esteem.


Seeing the waves

When we see the wind and  waves in our future it is no wonder we sink as did Peter. It is when we look to Jesus Christ that we can walk on the sea of despair.


The inner Circle.

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