The Undiscovered Country

How wonderful it would have been travelling with Blaxland ,Wentworth and Lawson crossing the Blue mountains in New South Wales and discovering the vast fertile lands beyond.
Or like Daniel Boone and his party going through the Cumberland gap and entering a vast new frontier.

In Christ, the Christian has vast frontiers to explore, infinite riches to receive and wide mercies for the greatest need. He remains “The undiscovered Country”

No Sale

Such was the popularity of the “Hancock’s half hour”, radio show, that Publicans complained that their customers stayed home to listen to it, rather than go to the pub.

200 hundred years before, the taverners and innkeepers complained that since people became “Methodists”, there custom had nearly dried up.

There is no doubt when Christianity is believed and practiced it effects both the individual and society. It is because the church is at a low ebb in the West, that it having little effect on manners and morals.

We need first of all to look at ourselves and the influence we have. Second to pray for a revival of religion and a genuine movement of the Spirit, in our land and our times.

Disturbing lack of Faith

Finally someone quotes Darth Vader” I find your lack of faith disturbing.’ In the first page of their book. It was inevitable as I always thought.

Of the strength of others faith I can never be sure. As for me lack of faith has been a constant problem and I am sure  for others as well.

If we have even the smallest faith it is to the saving of our souls ( if truly in Christ), but it is only great faith which brings comfort and assurance. Most I am sure, who have had great grace and mercy shown to them could expect a statement like this  from the Lord Jesus Christ.”Where is your faith?” he asked his disciples. In fear and amazement they asked one another, “Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him.”Luke 8:25

Two of things which astonished Christ, were great faith and great unbelief.

How many times the disciples of our Lord, after all they had seen, caused him to marvel at their sheer lack of faith? We sometimes find ourselves in the same boat.So we need to do those things which ”increase our faith”.
Bible study, prayer and fellowship with lively Christians help blow the fire of faith into flame. Exercising and using our faith helps its growth. The means avail little without God’s Spirit working with them. So we need to constantly seek to Him for grace.



The Undiscovered Country

One thought on “The Undiscovered Country

  1. Granosalis,
    It’s time to journey with me again! I have been observing the progression in your blogs. There is an uncharted land to be traveled… God is with us, he is for us, and he is ahead of us. Will you join me, no looking back?


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