How to Books

The Americans used to say that Australians could do anything with two bits of wire.

The American specialty seems to be the writing of “ How to” books.
Christianity in the U.S. is no different. There are books on a myriad of subjects with various amounts of scriptural references. While I can only generalize topics if I mention a few you can see what I mean.
How to grow your church,
How to build your marriage,
How to raise your kids
How to protect them from worldly temptations.
How to be a better Christian leader,
How to organize those under your charge,
How to overcome self-doubt or guilt,
This list and variety is endless.
One wonders how people set themselves up as authorities on these things.

I am not saying that writing or reading these books is wrong. They may do good and be helpful for many.
I would say, that a great many of them are full of human psychology with a smattering of scripture and to expect miraculous transformations by reading them is risky.
The best men are men at best.
I for one believe that the best books are those full of Christ and the Bible.
Many of the problems we face are best met by using scriptural principles and prayer. All Christian writings are useful on as far as they are subordinated to God’s word.

The General who led from the front

General Brian Horrocks was one of the outstanding British Generals of the Second World war. A biography of his’ life was entitled “The General who led from the front”.

It is beyond my scope to echo this biography.

He served in the first world war and was captured by the enemy and suffered greatly.

What I think his’ great strength was,  in his’ ability to build a rapport  with people, his own soldiers and those from other counties and languages, even his’ enemies. For example,on his’ way to a prisoner of war camp he befriended his’ guard. He learned to speak Russian because the Germans placed him in a P.O.W. camp with Russian prisoners to try and prevent him escaping. He was so fluent that when he was made “Black Rod”, in  the British parliament, he greeted Nikita Khruschev and Nikolai Bulganin in their native tongue.

He was known for speaking to even the lowliest private and was admired for his’ leadership abilities by people  like Dwight D. Eisenhower, who thought he was outstanding among the British generals.

Even though involved in the failed” Market garden ” Operation , no blame was placed on him.

For those interested in more of his’ story I would refer them to Wikipedia.

Our Lord Jesus Christ in the supreme way was a “General” who led from the front.He faced the worst of the enemies’ onslaught. He was the main target of all there spite

He was not ashamed to call the lowliest “private”, friend. He will speak to anyone who seeks Him. He speaks in all languages and is willing to dwell in any faithful heart. He will lead to certain victory.


How to Books

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