Enchanted Ground

Erin Murphy who play Tabitha in “Bewitched”, remembers Agnes Moorehead ” Endora”, as a lovely christian lady who told her Bible Stories when she was a child.

I grew up watching ” Bewitched”, but when I read this I wondered whether she as a christian had scruples playing a witch in a show popularizing witchcraft.

I am one who believes that christian should avoid things and places which compromise there faith and example. Frequenting places where God is dishonoured and blasphemed is something to be wary of . Sometimes this is unavoidable but each of us must use our discretion.  Erring on the safe side is the wisest course. We must be on our guard.

The Apostle John In his’ first letter tells us, ” the whole world lies in the power of the evil one”. 1 John 5:19 It is full of snares and traps to distract and divert the christian. Like the ” Enchanted ground” in “Pilgrims Progress ” it seeks us to lull us to sleep. Stops us from doing our christian duty and engrosses us with worldly things.

We of ourselves are not sufficient for these things, We must seek the power of God’s Spirit to keep us in the “narrow way”.

Before ” Arnie”

In the early years of the twentieth century a “pre-cursor” of Arnold Schwarzenegger was a man called Eugene Sandow. He was all strength and muscle building. He would stand in a glass case wearing nothing but a fig leaf being admired. He was a physical trainer to several famous people.



He bought a new fangled motor car but drove it into a ditch. He attempted, probably foolishly, to lift it out and ruptured himself somewhere and died.

Human beings have physical limitations. The best of us are only so strong and we can run only so fast. We have mental limitations. We ca’nt think of everything. The older we grow the greater our limitations we become. This does not mean we cannot improve ourselves but our resources go only so far.

We have our limitations, God does not have any limits at all. It is when we live in obedience to Him and His’ word that our horizon is widened and our life is open to the “abundant’ life Christ gives.


More than just the commonplace

I made the statement in an earlier article that Christianity is founded on commonplaces. I mean this. It is “commonplace” to say that Christians are to read the Bible, they are to believe in Jesus Christ. They are to be praying people. They go to church and so on. These things are we are told again and again so that we take them for granted. This does not mean they are always easy, but they go with the territory.

On the other hand Christianity itself is beyond the commonplace and mundane. It takes sinful man and places him into fellowship with the Blessed Trinity. In Christ they are lifted up to the Heavenly places and only the New Heaven and New Earth will reveal what God has prepared for them.





Enchanted Ground

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