Deceived by appearances

When the first   F-4 Phantom was delivered to an airbase, one of the airmen thought it was so ugly it must have been delivered upside down. The aircraft’s appearance belied its future effectiveness, utility and longevity.

In this world where appearance is everything. The gospel and indeed the authentic Church do not show up well in the earthly scheme of things. Yet this belies the mighty work of God at work in and through it. We are tricked into looking at things through worldly eyes. We need the faith to believe that while, we may not see it, God who sees the end from the beginning, judges truly.

Head Winds

Staying with aircraft. My friend who was in the R.A.A.F. just after the war, saw a tiger moth biplane taking off into an head wind. The wind was so strong it pushed the aircraft  so that it landed further back than its original take off point.





No doubt the winds of adversity blow many of us very hard. It seems they push us back to square one, if not further. They discourage  us from trying again and generally impede progress.

Many in the Scriptures faced adversity, Joseph , Job and David to name a few. Our Lord most of all was battered by trials, tribulation and seeming lack of progress. He supremely “Breasted” the wind and triumphed over all that was thrown at Him.

Through Him we can overcome the headwinds of life and will land safe at last.

Bottom of the Barrel

Sometimes I feel that I cannot find anything else to write about.

It makes me think of the the story of Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath and her container of flour down to the last scrapings. Yet in God’s hands this small amount sustained the prophet and the widow’s family for many days.

I encourage us all to place our little in God’s hands that He may use it in great ways.

To His’ name be the glory.





Deceived by appearances

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