As is well known many places in the world have a dietary staple which is the nutritional core of their culture.
In South America it is maize. In the Pacific islands it is taro, baked, boiled and probably fried. What would Ireland be without the potato? And so forth.

(It is commonplace to say this, but Christianities strength is its commonplaces.)
The Bible is the major staple of the Christian’s diet. The Bible read, memorized and preached. It was the Bible in the vernacular language that was at the core of the Reformation. It is the Bible as God’s inscripturated word that remains the source of health to the church
Protestants have been accused of being “bibliolaters”. Yet the Bible is God’s word, we dispense with it as our peril.
So if you are looking a bit gaunt and spiritually anemic get “ Back to the Bible”.

Who is this Jesus?

Some years ago  the Contemporary version of the Bible was released. It came with an audio tape titled “ Who is this Jesus?”.
I was not impressed with the version of the Bible but the tape was thought provoking.

It reviewed what the Old Testament prophets, John the Baptist and the Apostles said about Jesus. It also looked at what Jesus said about himself and His’ purpose. It looked at His’ teaching, parables and miracles.
It looked at His death on the Cross and Resurrection and the revelation of salvation.

It is no doubt vital for all of us to know and call on others to seek to know, the answer to the question, who is this Jesus?

Forward Ho

“The Lord said to Moses, Why do you cry to me? Tell
The people of Israel to go forward”.”Exodus 14:15

Is this a hint that sometimes we are praying when we should be moving? Sometimes we are moving when we should be praying, we need wisdom from God to know which we are to do in each situation.
I think it was said by Matthew Henry, “Prayer and provender hinder no journey”. We pray for journeying mercies but we feed our horse as well. We pray for God’s guidance and move on in faith.
We are called to “ Be still and know I am God”, but stillness and quietness in His’ presence is preparation for further arduous service.
Not making progress is much the same as going backwards in the Christian life and

Forgive and forget

My place of employment is closing and I and many others have been made redundant. Some of the people I know are reflecting on people who have badly treated or rubbed them the wrong way. Either real or perceived. They hold very deep grudges.
I have suggested they forgive and forget but they vow never do so. In fact they regard it as a point of honour not to.
In the face of Christ’s plain command, it is awful for a professing Christian to do this. Yet I have known some who harbour an unforgiving spirit.
We need a good look at God’s forgiveness, so free, so full and the objects so undeserving.
Maybe then we will be ready to forgive.

Sound bites


When Joseph Caryl began preaching through the book of Job he had a large number of hearers, by the time he finished he had a handful. (This was to become a famous commentary).
They got the Word in large measure those days. They were catechized and encouraged to discuss what they had heard. They sought to profit from the preaching of the Word.
No doubt it was hard but they persevered.
We on the other hand are content with sound bites of the word. Half an hour is plenty. Our attention span is very short. Our retention of what we hear is sketchy. We don’t want to be late for our meal. It is inconvenient to be kept so long.
Admittedly we are only human. However if we loved the Word of God more and realized how vital it is to us, we would discipline ourselves more. We would appreciate the blessing God sends via the preaching of His’ word.

Off the Ration


I have always been fascinated by how people coped with shortages in wartime. Whether it was Woolton pie, potato topped with potato, Coffee made with chicory or acorns, Or SPAM which tasted like fabric.

People looked for something “off the ration”,even if it might have fallen off the back of a truck. “Spivs” or black marketeers were the order of the day for some. Yet I have read that despite the privation, The people of Britain were never healthier than during the second World War.

In the same way there are somethings the Christian should put on ration. Things like the”pleasures of this world”. The desire for money, and the myriad other things which weigh us down.

Things we never need to ration are our love for Christ and His’ saints. Our faith and obedience should never be in short supply.

We never need our coupons to pray.






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