Not needed now

I helped an old lady across a busy Mair street yesterday. i grasped her arm like you are supposed to. When We got across I let her arm go. She gave her arm a flick as if to say i needed your help but now you are an unwanted encumbrance.
I wonder if we do that to God sometimes. When we need him it is fine but sometimes we just want me time and to be left to it. Draw your own conclusions.

I know where I’m going

When Katherine told her’ parents that she wanted to marry Phillip Henry a “puritan ‘ minister, they were not to pleased. They said to her, “We do’nt know where he is from”. She replied, ” I know where he is going and I want to go with him”. They were to become the parents of Matthew Henry the renowned bible commentator.

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The best choices we make are those which further our christian life and keep us on the path God sets before us.

Tally Ho

A man remonstrated with a fox hunting, steeple chasing “Bishop” , 200 years ago, that it was not a sport befitting a clergyman and far to dangerous. The Bishop replied that he hunted as a “gentleman”, not as a bishop. The man replied that if he broke his’ neck, the bishop would break his’ neck as well.

We should not have Christianity as a separate compartment in our lives , either we are all in or none in.

The Cross




D.M. Loyd-Jones in his’ book on the Sermon on the Mount says this. “The essence of true evangelism is not merely to talk about the Cross but to proclaim the true doctrine of the Cross. There are people who talk about, but talk about it in a purely sentimental manner. They are like the daughters of Jerusalem who our Lord himself rebuked, weeping as they thought of what they called the tragedy of the Cross”.

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Not needed now

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