M. Hulot

Jaques Tati was on of the great comedic talents France ever produce. the earlier films he made were simple stories full of visual humour. His’ most famous character was Monsieur Hulot.

Eventually Tati got tired of playing Hulot and starting his’ own film company began to make evermore elaborate and extravagant films. Eventually His’ last film nearly ruined him financially. He died not long after.

While we are quite justified in “Attempting great things for God and expecting great things from God”,  the simple things we do are just as valuable in his sight. The widow with her two pennies was doing a great thing with a small amount.

Our tendency is to overcomplicate and embelish everything. A simple following of Christ day by day is the foundation of everything else and matters most of all.


The trap you fall into in writing like this is that what you write merely becomes a composition. We can sound as if we are all the things we enjoin in our writings. Rather I say this. What I say to you in my articles ,I say to myself as well.

Table Talk

As some of you may know , there is a famous book called “the table talk of Martin Luther”. They are His’ comments and sayings on christian subjects while sitting and discussing with friends and colleagues.

My friend complained that when he talked about christian things with fellow christians some of them very  quickly changed the subject to other things like family and sport etc.

Sad to say there is very little of this spiritual conversation today. Even among christians the interest today is in other things. Many people in their converstion add nothing to us as christians, they are unprofitable. This should not be so.

Opportunities for christian converse are few and far between in these busy times. They should be grasped and husbanded. Indeed everything we do should be turned to spiritual profit and the service of Christ our Lord.

Good Evening 007

Nowadays when a person dies many are reluctant to make the judgment whether they were a christian or not. He could have been a christian ,you cannot be sure. He never went to church, drank like a fish, swore like a trouper and chased the women. But deep down maybe?

My point is, if he was a christian and you could not tell, what good did it do? If those people who take a good look at you can see nothing of Christ or even a profession of christianity ,who is the better for it? How is God served by it?

Rom 14:7 “For not one of us lives for himself, and not one dies for himself”.

This is not to say our christianity is to be forced on people ad nauseam. The Bible basher ( although all christians are labelled such) is not a popular person. True christian witness is surely a blend of exemplary life and spoken testimony.

Nevertheless we not only need to be christians but seen to be christians also.

Have you got my best side?

Robert Taylor the American actor famous for ‘Waterloo Bridge”,”Quo Vadis”and many other films, was described as the man with”the perfect profile”. In the eternal scheme of things I wonder what difference it made?

Image result for robert taylor

The Apostle Paul on the other hand was described according to an ancient document as a “balding man with close set eyes and a hook nose”. Yet for all that He was what Taylor Caldwell described him in her book ,”A great lion of God”. Only the last day will tell what good his ceaseless endeavours, preaching and travelling did in growing the church.

The value to the church of his’ letters is incalculable. Even his enemies were forced to admit that he was a towering figure.

Paul however would shrink from any acclaim attaching to himself rather all glory is laid at the feet of Christ who worked mightily through him.

Let us imitate Paul as he imitated Christ.



M. Hulot

One thought on “M. Hulot

  1. Good Evening 007
    Paul Little in his excellent book, How to Give Away your faith, comments,
    “Sometimes the question is asked, ‘Which is more important in witnessing, the life I live or the words I say?’ This question throws consistency of our lives and our verbal witness into a false antithesis. It’s like asking which wing of an aeroplane is more important, the right or the left! Obviously both are essential and you don’t have anything without both. Life and lip are inseparable in an effective witness to Christ.”


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