Bearing the Cross

Samuel Rutherford wrote that there was never a cross Christ placed across our shoulders that he did not say of it
“Half Mine”


Keeping or kept

A.W. Pink was asked one day how he was keeping. He replied he was not keeping but kept.

1Peter 1:5 tells us that we believers are,”kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation”. If our security and salvation were in our own hands we may well tremble. God undertakes for us and keeps us. Our duty is to walk in his’ ways. As the Puritans used to say, ” Those who keep in the King’s way may expect His’ protection”.

Saint Augustine

A biography was written about St. Augustine called ” A wayward genius”. Despite a rocky start and much reluctance he came to the Saviour, a trophy of grace. We can all take a leaf out of his’ story “Tolle Lege” Take and Read, ( the Bible.)

True we are not all geniuses but we are all wayward.

The third Doctor Who said  “A straight line may  be the quickest way to get somewhere but it is not the most interesting”.

In the christian life we wander and stray from the path that leads to the “Celestial City”. While it may make for drama and an interesting testimony, it is surely not the best way to live as a christian. Better keep to the straight and narrow, less mud and fewer bruises.

Chew your food

+ Les Hiddins

The Bush Tucker man tells the story of two German aviators who crashed in Northern Australia. They were very weak  when the Aboriginal people found them. When they gave the men food, they had to chew it for them. He also says that many traveling to that land ,and getting lost, starved when they were surrounded by food , if only they knew how to find it.

The preacher of the gospel’s job is equivalent to that of a parent who carves and cut ups the scriptural food for his’ hearers. Sometimes they must cut it up very fine for some people.

God forbid they should need to mush it up, water it down or sugar coat it.

There is for our nourishment plenty of spiritual food if only we know where to find it. Parts of The Bible no doubt daunt many but if we find it indigestible the fault is ours and ours alone.

In the preaching of the word we are responsible how we hear and how we use what we hear.





Bearing the Cross

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