Peace in the church

Richard Baxter did not agree with some of Samuel Rutherford’s theology, but he said of his’ published letters, ” Hold off the Bible such a book the world never saw “.
He recognized the love of Christ which resounds in them. He also said that if all the Anglicans were like Archbishop Ussher, if all the Presbyterians were like Stephen Marshall and all the independants were like Jeremiah Burroughs the divisions in the church would soon have been healed in his’ day.
Some Christian’s are of such a loving spirit that whatever differences others have with them they still see Christ in them and love them accordingly.
We certainly need Christians of such a stamp today.

Priviledges and Responsibilities

Christians live below their priviledges. They have an open Bible before them which many did not have in the past and many do not have now. They either could not obtain or were not allowed or able to read it. We have the word preached to various degrees in our churches, (although it is being crowded out by other things).

We have an open door of prayer and an availing intercessor. We have the fellowship of the saints although they  are scattered and seemingly few.

Myriad other blessing that we do not value enough or utilize. We will soon miss them if we lose them. Let us be thankful for them and live up to them.

Christians do not live up to their responsibilities. They are called upon to be Christ’s witnesses in the world. They are His’ representatives, furthering His’ kingdom. All they have, and all they are is at Christs’ disposal in fullfilling His’ will. (How we grasp at what we have).We should look upon our gifts and possessions as His . It is because we are shirking these responsibilities that the cause of God and truth languishes in the way it does.

However it is also true to say that God’s purposes are not frustrated by our failings, they will be carried out to His’ glory. It is just that we will miss out on the blessing faithfulness brings.



Peace in the church

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