As has been pointed out by others God deals with us as rational beings. He expects us to use the faculties he created in us. As pointed out by A.W. Pink, God works at both ends of a situation.He works in what we are meant to work out.
General Joffre was asked his’ strategy was for beating the enemy. He said ” he was nibbling the enemy to death”.
Nothing replaces commonsense. Some problems, hardships and situations are best dealt with in small pieces and one at a time.
The Bible is full of what we call Wisdom ,we have much to learn.
God gives wisdom to those ask Him for it. Like all God’s gifts it needs to be sanctified to His’ service.

See for yourself

The puritans used to say that some Christian preachers and teachers were like signposts, pointing the way to salvation but not going themselves.



To be typecast as an actor means that people can only see you in one particular role you played in the past. It can mean that you are reckoned to be only able to play the same kind of role.

Basil Rathbone after a long run with Nigel Bruce in the Sherlock Holmes film series resigned for fear of being typecast. Unfortunately he did not work again for nine years.


The world typecasts christians as “bible bashers”, “kill joys” or biggots. Some typecasting  cannot be avoided if we are true to our principles and testimony. If we are Christlike then some will “glorify our father in heaven” Matt 5:16, and others will always write us off as cranks and simpletons.

Even fellow  Christians can  remember our past mistakes , failings and sins and never look at us without thinking of them. Someone said cruely, that christians are the only people who shoot their own wounded. Knowing what John Bradford the martyr said when he saw a man going to be hanged ” there but by the grace of God go I”, We should measure out our forgiveness in the measure it was shown to us.



The wicket gate

C.H. Spurgeon’s one criticism of John Bunyan was that instead of sending “Christian” to the wicket gate, he should have sent him straight to Christ.

Our Heavenly Father

When Jesus taught His’ disciples to pray He told them to pray “Our Father who is in Heaven”. This makes starting our prayers with “Dear God” something of a let down.


My friend Don Prout in an article reviewing “Pilgrim’s Progress” in “New Life” magazine complained that the christian life should not be fictionalized. We see in the rise of christian novels this is very popular. I can see his’ point. Christianity is not fiction. It deals with realities and eternal realities at that. It is the most real thing on this planet and will endure for all eternity.  To most people the gospel and christianity are regarded  as fiction already. We may be better to deal exclusively with the truthfulness of scripture, the reality of Christ and His’ teaching and saving work and leave fiction to the world .But If any are brought closer to Christ by reading these novels it is more by the grace of God who overules everything to His’ own glory and that of His’ Son.



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