The tree of life

While it is a good thing to look back at the Old Testament to see the beginnings of God’ plan of redemption and see Christ typified in the Old testament writings, there is no going back.
The whole point of the letter to the Hebrews is that these things, valuable and useful in their time were but shadows of things to come and thus were to pass away. The Spiritual reality has come.
We both Jew and Gentile come to a temple not made with hands but eternal in the heavenly places and a great high priest who ever lives to intercede for us.
Our roots are important but it is the tree we are looking for.

More light Lord

Samuel Rutherford and George Gillespie (a very young man) were the Scottish commissioners at the Westminster Assembly. A lawyer named Selden made a seemingly unanswerable speech defending the rule of the king over the church. Rutherford turned to Gillespie who was writing some notes, and said ” ‘Rise, George, man, and defend the Church which Christ hath purchased with His own blood.’ George rose, and when he had sat down,he had demolished this man’s whole argument. Selden is reported to have said to some one who was sitting beside him “That young man has swept away the learning and labour of ten years of my life.”
His’ colleagues retrieved the note Gillespie had written but all that was written on it were the words in latin “Da lucem Domine”
“Give light O Lord”. Quoted from Alexander Whyte.
Jesus promised to those brought to trial for their faith that the Holy Spirit would give them the words to say. Yet it is still necessary to immerse ourselves in the scriptures to enlighten us and help us to prepare beforehand.

Victor and Hugo

In the cartoon Victor and Hugo, Victor spoke with a french accent, but he could not speak french.

So today many speak with a christian accent but are not Christians. Let us pray that we are not one of them.

A child’s mind

Charles Dickens somewhere in “Great Expectations”, talks about how surprised and maybe shocked we would be about the things that go on in a child’s relatively innocent mind. We all know the mischief and sometimes horrid things we did.

(How much of what we did is excused by lack of maturity and not knowing any better.)

In my childish imagination the Bible looked like George Washington. I used to ask Jesus to go down the shop with me but God wanted to stay home. Yet despite how little I knew about them, I knew them and they were very real to me, very early.

It is never to soon to talk to children about Christ. He by His’ grace will reveal Himself to them and bring them to His’ salvation.


I have for the last little while been wanting to write an article on The Lake Of “Galilee” and surrounds. It is a larger topic than I can handle but here is a little.

To me there is no more restful sounding or evocative place. The Jews as a people were not sea-farers.  But Galilee was sea enough for them. It seems to me that coming from a place like Nazareth and its surrounds ,it must have possessed a real draw, much like the beach has for us.

The territory of Galilee was to the Judeans a semi heathen place, a back water whose people had a rudimentary understanding of the Rabbinism of the day. They were Country Bumpkins whose speech betrayed them. Poor relations at best.

It had the hustle and bustle of the fishing industry.and other related trades. It was on a trading route and it was close to the gentile populations surrounding . It had wild solitudes where you could pray alone, and green grass on which four or five thousand might be fed.

The lake itself could be whipped up by the wind funneled down the surrounding hills and turn into a deathtrap if the Lord of the sea were not in the back of the boat.It had abundant fish, but they could be hard to catch, even if you spent all night trying.

The people who lived there “dwelt in darkness” yet were to see a great light.

It was here our Lord first came to minister and for that cause alone it must hold a special place in our hearts. Take a imaginary walk there and see if you can catch a glimpse of the footprints of Jesus.




The tree of life

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