What a performance!

Boris Karloff despite the villainous roles he played was the gentlest and kindest of men. A typical English gentlemen who loved cricket and gardening.
For an actor playing one thing and being another may be forgivable, but for the christian there is nothing worse. Let us be ,” whole-hearted true- hearted and loyal”, in our belief and practice.

Take Him at His’ Word

it is a well known story William Penn the founder of Pensylvania was promised by the Indians as much land as he could walk over in a day. He began at sunrise as continued walking till sunset. the Indians seeing him return said” White man man walk many miles this day”. He took the Indians at their word .
In the same way crossing the land of Bible promises we can freely claim our entitlement to God’s word

The personal equation

With diffidence I speak . I think that the trend now is to lead with the feelings. Where I and many others lead with the mind and intellect. It is not that we do not feel but we are thinkers then feelers. Others are feelers then we hope thinkers.

In K.J.V. English the heart was the seat of the will. The brain was the seat of the intelligence and thought, While the emotions were seated in the innards or” bowels”. The problem with leading with feelings is that people tend to swallow anything which moves them emotionally and a lot of false doctrine is taught under that guise. While the weakness of the thinker is that they suspect all things which try to engage the emotions but say little to the intellect.They can also fall prey to false doctrines which appeal to cleverness or wisdom falsely called.
God grant us wisdom to see both sides of the spiritual equation.


I was always led to believe that revival would take a certain form. People would thirst for the preaching of the Word. They would hang on the reading of the scriptures and pray with whole hearts.They would grieve for their own sinfulness, and beseech God not to take His’ salvation from them. They would humble themselves before the Lord their God. They would glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and seek His’ righteousness alone. All the while seeking to live lives worthy of His’ sacrificial love.
They would turn their backs on the world and its wealth and alurements and live as citizens of the heavenly kingdom.Most of all they would call others to repent their sins and believe the gospel and do the same.
Maybe I was misinformed but I think not.

Lost Opportunity

When D.L. Moody was finishing an evangelical meeting in Chicago , he felt he had more he needed to say. As time was late he said he would continue next time. However during the intervening week the great Chicago fire occurred and many of his” hearers were swept to eternity. Then on he vowed not to put off speaking the message God gave him to another time because it might not come.

Good Dog

During the second world war to bring bombers down on fog bound airfields,the R.A.F. implemented F.I.D.O .It stood for fog intensive dispersal operation. Simply speaking it meant burning millions of gallons of petrol and burning away the fog.
Sometimes in our lives we need a “spiritual” fido to burn away the fog in our lives and cause us to see clearly God’s way for us.


“Trial does not automatically make us holy whether we will it or not,but if we rightly receive it God will sanctify it to us. Fire removes from the ore that which detracts from its highest value, and the fires of testing remove only the sins and weights which, in sullying our holiness, inevitably mar our happiness.”J.Oswald Sanders

Play it again

Early in Humphrey Bogart’s career before he became a star he was in a stage play called “Petrified forest”. It starred British actor Leslie Howard later famous as Ashley Wilkes in “Gone with the Wind”. When the play was to be made into film, the movie bosses wanted to put a better known actor in the film. They wired Howard to get his’ approval. His’ reply was no Bogart ,no me.
Bogart was ever after grateful to Leslie Howard because this film started his’ stardom. He even named one of his’ children after him.
Gratitude is a special thing. In the scriptures we have the story of the ten lepers and yet only one was really grateful and worshiped Christ. Can we who have so much grace to be thankful for, do any less?

You ai’nt heard nothing yet

Al Jolson was a natural born showman, one could say an exhibitionist. He would go up to groups of people and tell them who he was and ask whether he could sing for them.

When his’ wife Ruby Keeler opened in 42’nd street she supposedly forgot her’ song lines and Jolson sang them from the balcony. More likely he just wanted people to look at him.
It should not be so in the church. We are welcome to use our talents in God’s service, but for his’ glory and others good.

Common good

Abraham Lincoln said” God must have loved the common people, he made so many of them”. Of our Saviour it was written “the common people heard him gladly”. The common people,all people need to hear Christ again. If they would but listen and believe He would make them glad

Prayer teaching

The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray as John taught his ‘disciples. They did not ask Jesus to teach them to pray as he did.Why was this? They probably saw and heard Jesus in prayer although He often sought solitude.Yet when they knew that the disciples of John were taught to pray they wanted to be taught as well. Was it because of rivalry or some other reason. It is speculation now and not important.
Christ who spoke as never man spoke,no doubt prayed as never man prayed. But when the disciples realized that prayer was obtainable, by men like themselves being taught to pray, they reached out for it as well. May we do the same


A minister found a note tucked in his pulpit bible. It said”Sir we would see Jesus”. Spurgeon said of Robert Hawker that he was the least of bible commentators but the great thing about him was that he saw Jesus.
The preaching of the word is the primary thing in true worship Sunday by Sunday. Showing forth Christ is the primary thing in preaching.”We preach Christ crucified”.1Cor 1:23a

Row ,Row ??

The puritan writers use to compare some professing Christians to a man rowing a boat. Rowing one way and looking another. They look towards Christ and heaven but row for the flesh and earthly things.They are getting further away all the time


Someone said” Afflictions and suffering are the black dogs that God uses to drive His’ sheep back to the shepherd(Christ)”.

The Christian:” God does not require of us great learning but great likeness to Christ”. Robert Murray M’Cheyne

What a performance!

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