Capsized Christians?

During the war the ships traveling in the north Atlantic convoys found that the sea spray froze and built up on the upper works of the ships. If the ice built up to much and became to heavy the ship could capsize and sink.
In the same way if a church or individual christian allows sin and the love of the world to build up it can cause a capsize of their faith and work.So we need to remove it , it is always better to travel light.

Congregational praise

There will be no praise and worship groups in heaven rather the whole congregation and Church of the firstborn will unite to praise Him for ever and ever. I suggest they be allowed to get some practice here.

In medieval times the clergy performed the service and rituals while the lay people looked on at what was done on their behalf.
Looking at our modern services history is repeating itself. The congregation is now no more than an audience.
It may be alright for the ” Darlene Zwensch wannabes”. For people like me give an old fashioned hymn, played properly. At least anybody could sing them .An everybody was heard not just an amplified few.

Relevance over Truth?

The catch cry of the times is for the Church to be relevant, which usually boils down to trendy-ing the worship and soft pedaling the proclamation of the Word.Rather the Church is to be relevant the same way the fire brigade is relevant ,to save sinners from everlasting burning . as the police, to bring people face to face with God’s justice. Like the ambulance service to bring people to spiritual health through faith in Jesus Christ, and like the army to subdue the kingdoms of this world and bring them kneeling before His’ throne.

From history

When Oliver Cromwell was having his’ portrait taken , he told the painter to paint him “warts and all”.
So in preaching the Bible it is better to take it as it is , even the seemingly unattractive and difficult bits. To tamper with or water it down, only will bring down judgment see last chapter of Revelation.

Queen Elizabeth the first told an ambassador she was sending to a foreign court ” If you look after my interests I will look after yours”. In the like way if we Seek first God’s kingdom and His’ righteousness ,we will not be losers by our faithfulness. Indeed He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him

The Great Detective

It was said of Sherlock Holmes that “He was the greatest man who never lived”.
It is easy when we hear the story of Jesus from our Sunday school days to put Him in this category. Wwe know the reality of His’ life and work. Yet very often we make His’ commandments into a sort of fiction and the teaching of His’ apostles when we do not listen to what they say and obey the commandments they have given us from God. They are not pieces of advice but truths to live by. We are saved purely by faith in Christ but our obedience is proof of that faith bearing fruit in our lives.

God save the King

After his’ coronation King Edward the seventh saw the flags on several buildings were at half mast. He asked why this was, he was told it was because his’ mother Queen Victoria was dead. He answered ” The King lives”.
Likewise our King Jesus lives ,no mere figure of the past is He, but is alive and with His’ people. Indeed “He always lives to make intercession for them”. Heb.7:25

The Door

D.M. Loyd-Jones in one of his’ sermons on Ephesians, draws attention to the Apostles love of using the name of Jesus Christ in his’ letters. He cannot write a paragraph or utter a prayer or give God praise with out speaking of being “by Christ Jesus”, “Through Jesus Christ our Lord ” etc.
We speak of faith in God and the love of God and believing in God ,blessed truths, but they are all through, by and from Jesus Christ the mediator between God and man. Martin Luther said “We have nothing to do with an absolute God”. Out of Christ God is a consuming fire. In Christ who is God the Son we realize a new relationship with God as father. ” No man comes to the Father but by Me”.


Someone asked the emperor of Brazil, why with as large a country and population and resources ,his’ country had not prospered like the United States. He replied ” In my country they say ” Man~ana, Tomorrow”, When in America they say “today”.
Neither the unsaved sinner nor the christian can always wait for tomorrow. Repent and believe today. Believe,pray, obey and serve, “while it is still TODAY.”


At the start of the second world War the Fairey Swordfish was already obsolete, yet it soldiered on constantly finding roles for which it was ideally suited because of its slow speed and robust construction. People of the time who would have thought nothing of seeing squadron of Spitfires marveled at this graceful and versatile plane, which outlasted the aircraft designed to replace it.
Many people will tell you that the Bible is obsolete and super-ceded yet it will endure as God’s written word when men’s theories crumble to the dust.

Paul Locandro's photo.


The Avro 504 was an early Bi-plane used as a trainer by the
RAF. and RAAF.. The only way you could land it was to turn the engine off to lower to landing speed and then pray it would start again before touch down otherwise it would crash.
Sometimes in the christian life we need to turn the engine off and rely on God to carry us through.

Capsized Christians?

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