Trivia and Truth

Harry “Iron eyes ” Cody was an actor who played an American Indian in many Old westerns. Funnily enough He was not an native american at all but was actually born in Italy. Having come to the U.S. he studied their culture to such an extent he identified himself with them and was accepted by them.
To an infinitely higher extent our Lord Jesus identified Himself with the human race and to those who received Him He gave power to be children of God

Harmonious  and humorous

One of my favourite comedy team ups is between Lucille Ball and Gayle Gordon. Having worked together on radio they built a rapport which carried on for many years. Gordon was appearing as Mr. Wilson on “Dennis the menace”, so could not appear in “I love Lucy”. But in many subsequent series they appear together. She as the kooky inept employee and he as the bad tempered and long suffering employer. In many such team ups there is a competition of egos. Rather there was a mutual affection which came through in their work together.
I know it is God’s will that Christians, despite difference in temperament and ability and even egos can work together with such harmony and affection.

Stealing The scenes

To quote the opposite of the coin. Anyone watching the “Magnificent Seven”, would think that Yul Brynner and Steve MacQueen worked well together. However Yul Brynner stipulated that in making the sequel Steve MacQueen was not to appear in it, apparently because Steve MacQueen was always stealing scenes away from him.
How many peoples love and friendship is only from the teeth out.
Romans 12:9 says ” Let love be without dissimulation.” Meaning falsely concealing the truth. I find it more difficult but if we are called upon to love others then lets be genuine about it.

Your viewing pleasure

I remember there was a spate of 3D movies many years ago, as there is now. You were given a pair of glasses that made the action on the screen leap out at you and heighten the effect.
There is a need for a spiritual equivalent in the study of God’s word. We read the word but it does not stand out to us. It does not grip us or change us. As God breathed the “Word” out so we need to breathe it in as it were. so let us seek the Spirit’s help to immerse ourselves in what God has to reveal to us in the Bible.

Trivia and Truth

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